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Custom Bakery & Cake Boxes
for a Flavorful Experience

The modern-day bakery solution in the shape of custom bakery cake packaging that attract your customers.

These boxes are elegant and makes your cakes look more yummy.


Custom Bakery Boxes Wholesale

Bakery items use different kinds of packaging from the start of the business. Because these products can not be served without product packaging. Custom bakery cake packaging will help your bakery products looks more appelaing. But this industry is using product packaging since starting days. So in this industry packaging is the name of safety and health along with the branding of the products. That’s why they pay special attention to the packaging of their products.

Viveprinting deals in all kind of custom bakery packaging boxes with logo and provide its client brand identification in the market with these logo boxes. Because the logo is the symbol of identification of any brand in the market. The main thing about us is that we make these custom bakery boxes wholesale prices from us in Australia. To fulfill that goal we use the latest technology and machines. It will reduce as much cost as you can. 

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We provide all services under one roof related to custom bakery packaging boxes with logo

Viveprinting is one of the very first companies that provide all the facilities related to manufacturing custom bakery packaging boxes with logo under one roof. We gave the concept of a one-stop-shop solution in the printing and packaging industry. It will reduce the hustle of our clients to get perfect custom bakery boxes wholesale prices for the best products. Because this concept provides them full control over the quality and pricing of their custom bakery cake packaging.

Different shapes and designs of custom bakery cake packaging

Viveprinting has a range of new styles and designs in custom bakery cake packaging at its online design library. You can explore the new design and shapes of custom bakery boxes wholesale in that library and get inspiration for your product packaging from there. Or you can choose the whole design from there and make sure that it will fulfill the requirements of your product related to its packaging.

We have a team of experts as well who will help you out in designing a whole new custom bakery cake packaging for your product. We have all the tools that are needed to  make a good bakery packagings.

Range of Eco-Friendly Material

The food industry is a symbol of health and the good life that’s why Viveprinting uses Eco-friendly material for the manufacturing of custom bakery cake packaging. These materials reduce the amount of pollution in our environment and help us to keep the environment of this planet liveable for our upcoming generations. The use of eco-friendly material for custom bakery packaging boxes with logo enhance the image of your brand in the eyes of your customers. That’s why we have a range of eco-friendly materials for the manufacturing of custom bakery cake packaging at reasonable rates.

The premium quality material enhances the unboxing experience of your customer. So if you are looking of a packaging solution for bakery products. Viveprinting is here to help you. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.