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Die Cutting

Precision-cut packaging designs that add uniqueness and intricacy, elevating your products and captivating your audience.

Die is a sharp steel blade that is created exactly according to a design or shape that you want for your object.

Die-Cutting refers to the process where the die is used to cut various substrates (paper, label stock, card stock) into uniform shapes.

Therefore, clients love to try die-cutting/custom printing as it converts their vast imagination into a marvelous design and superior printed shape.

How to get custom printing at Viveprinting?

  1. You can visit our Die Gallery to choose among hundreds of carefully created shapes that offer what you exactly have in mind.
  2. If the Gallery doesn’t have your required shape, you can send us your die size and shape as per the given guidelines.
  • If you couldn’t still make your mind, why don’t you give a call to our custom care that are there to sort it out?

General guidelines

  • If you have chosen a die-cut shape from our Gallery, please make sure you send us a design that exactly matches the die size.
  • Don’t forget to include a 1/8″ safety area within the cut line that should have no printable text or image.
  • If you have a border, it must be at least .25″ on all sides.

We truly understand fulfilling the guidelines may take your time; but let’s assure you that it is worth what you may see at the end.

Price for the Custom dies starts from $100, which increases with the die-size and complexity.

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