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Foil Stamping is a process where we add a bit metal to the paper (or any other substrate) to get outstanding shine, elegance and an impression.
Well, you may have custom printed objects to speak for your brand, the foil adds a golden touch to the objects and make them unforgettable.

Types of Foil Stamping

1. Hot Stamping
In hot stamping, we apply the foil (shine) to the paper (or any other substrate) under the heat and pressure of a hot die

2. Cold Stamping
In cold stamping, we transfer the foil to the paper (or any other substrate) by using a photo polymer printing plate. We place the stock and the film between the plate and an aluminum roller under light pressure and expose it to ultraviolet light to bond the foil with the image.

What makes our services stand out?

Want to know how much
we charge?

For foil stamping, we need a separate foil die. Therefore, the cost of the overall printing though increases the superior quality of your work worth everything.

A foil die (up to 7 square inches) – $100

Each additional square inch – $5

The size of the die under the given rates remains Standard. If you’re interested in bigger sizes, we recommend give our customer care a knock and get a brief.


Foil Stamp Guidelines

You will be required to upload your foil stamp design file in three different forms on

1. A print form of the foil stamp

2. A vector file that shows the foil as a solid shape (if there are different colors, we may require a separate file for each color)

An FPO file (for placement only) in which the foil shape is superimposed on the print form.